Saturday, December 09, 2006

Windows 'Too Hot' for my laptop

I have this Dell Inspirion 1100 and it's been a good laptop for me. It was cheap, I was deploying to the motherland of Iraq for a year, what the hell, right? On top of this laptop being quite beefy when it comes to the size and weight of things, it's also got a very powerful, yet heat-intense Celeron processor in it.

On a side note of this, I'm a pretty big Linux fan. Always have, always will be (contrary to blokes out there who operate such vile blogs: I hate Linux Blog. Because I'm such a fan and devoted wifi wardriver amongst other things, I dualboot XP Home and whatever fancy flavor of Fedora core that is out there.

Well back to my laptop; it overheats and ALOT. There isn't a time while I am using my laptop, booted into XP Home, that after 30 minutes goes by, it starts; the heat and the buzzing of the outtake fan trying to cool things off. If I proceed to use, after an hour or so, the battery gets so hot that the battery indicator light starts to flash, warning me to shutdown and let the battery cool down for awhile.

Funny, I was doing some development while booted into Linux, laptop sitting on my kitchen table under a dinner placement (e.g. air intake not so good) and is this thing hot? nope. Is the battery about ready to spontaneously combust? nope.

It's safe to say that it's more than correlation: Windows is just 'too hot' for me to even use anymore.

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