Thursday, April 27, 2006

Homeless/Drifter Scam?

Since I've moved, I primarily use this little loop of an interstate to get myself from different locations in town. What's so f---ing interesting about that, you say? Well, I've begun to notice a "rise" in the amount of drifters and homeless activity around the on-ramps of the interstates and their particular movites to 'get' things, such as food, money, or a ride.

What is so damn wierd about this is the fact that every drifter/homeless folk I've noticed hold the very same characteristic as the next one I see:

1) Clean - Meaning, I know what the weather was like a couple days ago, and you look rather clean and well appeared, clothing included.

2) Always have a backpack that appears to be COMPLETELY empty - it's always lying there on the ground or next to a pole sagging over or blowing in the wind.

3) A perfectly square piece of cardboard cut with scissors, spray-painted with silver paint and carrying the almost exact same message, written with a black Sharpie: "Looking for work, food, money or donation. Anything you can spare. God bless!"

I'm not about to stereotype anyone who may fit this description, all I'm saying is sh-t just isn't adding up as far as who they are appearing to be. The commonalities, such as the signs always having those characteristics, really makes me second guess their vailidity. I mean, if you're homeless, where the f--- did you get the materials to make that pretty lookin' sign? I know Sharpies are like $1.00 if not more; shit, that's a quick meal off the dollar menu at Burger King. At no point am I sold on the despairity of their situation; I'd expect to see a jagged piece of board or paper with a darkly scribbled message with pens they stole from a gas station.

I'm thinking I should do this trick next time I need a quick 50 bones, because I've seen some healthy donations get passed out of car windows by people.

...I'm in the wrong profession for sure.

Case in point, though: dumb con-artists.

Start of an Era

I've had many blogs in the past; some of which were an attempt to get my thoughts and ideas out to this sick, yet interesting, digital world, others which were a spur-of-the-moment venture based solely on humiliation of others.

I've quickly come to realize that it's really difficult to categorize the multitude of passionate topics that I love to rant about, whether it's a breaking news bulletin, fantasization about starting someone on fire, black ninja conspiracies, something outlandish or retarded a fellow human being has done in my presense, or even that lovely karma that always seems to bite me in the ass daily; it's hard to manage it all.

...solution: one blog, many topics. (what a revolutional idea?)