Saturday, December 23, 2006

Miss Nevada pictures? WTF?!?!

Over the last couple of weeks, there's been a bunch of media exposure of Miss USA Tara Conner about her drunken, cocaine-sniffing stuper. Now this morning, I saw some of this shock-and-awe "Breaking News" on CNN about Miss Nevada being stripped of her duties as well because of similiar actions.

As the phrase, "pictures posted on the internet", echoed into my living room, I just couldn't resist heading to Google. Now that I am reflecting on it, I really don't think I've ever supped this low to investigate such garbage, but when I found those pictures after about 2.5 minutes of googling, I really was... BLOWN AWAY! ...and not because she's a very gorgeous woman doing erotic poses and actions with other gorgeous women, but because you have to be a FUCKING idiot to do that!

I hope my two daughters don't ever get stuck in that type of whirlwind of shit when they get that old, then have me watch the news and see their to naked mugs all over CNN or Google images.

Anyrate, I'd be labeled gay if I didn't link to these pictures so every one of you could make your own judgement. If anything, it's pure amusement to see Miss USA give immitation head to an Eminem wanna-be. Ha, truly humorous!

Click here for the Miss Nevada pictures.

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