Monday, December 11, 2006

So bored, I think I'll look at Teddybears?!

I'm in training this week at work (more Java programming, wahoo!) and if you've ever been in training before, the first day is usually a small waste of time set aside to all the people who haven't programmed since 1985, or who are OO-clueless asking what a class is, ect.

When my mind starts to wander during the overview sections of the class, I have a bad habit of looking at other people's computer monitors to see what they are doing. It really is a humorous adventure in itself. I've seen everything from offbeat news to horse purchasing (yes, the farm animal).

However, this was a new one to add to the list of things to look at when you're bored. A rather sharp gentleman to my 2 o'clock position was looking at the history of the TeddyBear (yes, the stuffed animal) and flipping through another website touting the text "Last Hug TeddyBear". I didn't see a wedding band on his hand, so it's safe to assume it's probably 'not for the kids'. If anything, that's just flat-out creepy, but outlandishly funny.

Now what did I do? I tried to look for that site he was looking at. So that tells you just how bored I was...

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