Sunday, April 20, 2008

USB Flash Drive Replacement Caps!

Just like anyone, it's a sad day when you finally misplace or break the cap removable cap from your USB flash drive. I, myself, become reluctant to use it any more in fear of getting the USB header bent or mangled in my bag I bring to work.

Well, fear no more, there's a company called RooKaps that makes rubber replacement USB flash drive caps (in assorted colors) AND lanyard-ifed caps, too!

At $5.77+S&H for four of them (non-colored and non-lanyard), it's not the cheapest deal, but it's much cheaper than say, purchasing a new USB male PCB header, cracking the shell on your USB drive (which won't go back together easily at all), and re-soldering the new header on.

Buy some, I am.

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