Saturday, April 26, 2008

The re-birth of the subnotebook?

It's funny how things in our culture resurface themselves after decades of silence. From fashion to technology and anywhere in between, it's crazy the amount of odd things that are all the sudden "the thing to have" today.

Odd shit like kids wearing straight leg pants that were cool in the 80's, girls wearing their hair in a pony tail that drags off to the side of their shoulder, and most notably (of course I'm not going to bitch about fashion) the re-birth of the subnotebooks like the Asus Eee and Everex Cloudbook. I ask myself: WTF happened to the Gateway Handbook? I happen to own one of these (and still do) and at the time, I used to run my own homebrew Linux distro on it (Fd Linux), in which I ripped out the 80mb 2.5" hdd and tossed in a IDE micro-controller-to-compact flash, which essentially, despite the shear lack of processing power that the Asus Eee and the Everex Cloudbook boast, isn't much different.

I'd definitely have to say, we are creatures of habit and repetition.

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