Sunday, July 30, 2006

McDonalds "smart" campaign?

I rarely goto McDonalds. I don't particularly enjoy the place or it's food, but I do go there for ice cream with the kids once in awhile.

Now, maybe I'm just not aware of changes that happens in McDonalds society, but I noticed there was this certain "look and feel" McDonalds was trying achieve when I sat down to eat; it looked like I was having ice cream in the presidental library. There were these fancy mock bookshelfs plastered all over with fake books with long, throaty, semi-important titles tagged on them and the architecture of the place was overloaded with wrap-around chair cushins and white pillars that stretched to the ceiling.

Maybe the intent is to make you feel smarter when you're in there, but when I looked over at one of their advertising signs on one of the windows and the text describing one of their meals said, "Yer Choice.", I just shake my head in disgust.

McDonalds has been added to my list of 'devil places' right along with Walmart.

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