Sunday, July 09, 2006

HD-TV... well... RULES

So maybe I'm a late bloomer on this, but I broke down and bought a 26" LCD HDTV with a built-in digital tuner for my basement yesterday. I figured I might have to buy a set-top antenna so I could maybe try and capture some of the locally broadcasted stations here in time before football starts to watch some NFL in HD.

Well to no avail, apparently even with my cheapy, basic analog cable package, my cable service provider puts the HD streamed local channels (plus alot of others that are not local) into my cable stream already! Mission Impossible II (which aired on ABC last night) was absolutely crisp and sharp as ever!

I can tell you it is quite possibly the best picture I've ever seen as far as television goes, WOW! I was amazed and still am.

Go and buy yourself one... now.

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