Thursday, June 22, 2006

Did I say I hate dumbshit kids who litter, too?

Now that I'm on the rant of loud, ignored, barking dogs, I'd also like to express my extreme hatred for dipshit kids who trot through everyone's yards (including mine) to get to their destination and throw their soda/gatorade/water bottles diliberately into the yard they are passing through.

Why, you say? I was working on my patio yesterday afternoon and pair of walking cockbags (one who was stuck in the 80's and thought the sporting mow-hawk and the Ramones where still "cool", and the other who was putting up a good fight in the race for the "Look just like Eminem" award) were passing through my yard and "Eminem" finished his soda and threw the bottle over his head and it landed in my yard. I quickly shouted out for him to pick up and bottle and throw it in a garbage can, and after a blank stare (which easily confused me with the "tough guy" stare) he moped back to the spot where the bottle landed, picked it up and went back on their merry, gay way.

After getting back from eating out with some friends, I went out to water my garden and landscaping plants and just what do I find in my yard by my patio where I was working? "Eminem"'s soda bottle.

...If you read blogs a lot Shitbag-1 and Shitbag-2, I will remind you that I will be kicking your dirtbag asses next time I see you parading around my area.

Good. I feel much better. Don't feel bad; my wife got a worse storyboard version.

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