Monday, May 15, 2006

A Hypocrit's Fallacy: Cake is better than Cheese?

So I had celebrated my oldest daughter's birthday this past weekend. The birthday went well, however, there's just that 'thing' about getting together with family members that sparks that enigma in the back of my mind as to how fucking ignorant people can really be.

On most all of my daughter's birthdays, we've usually just ended up just grilling hamburgers and hotdogs just as a convience sort of deal. I try not to cater to people's fancy, but this time I did, by leaving cheese off of all the hamburgers so my mother-in-law wouldn't make me go cook a "special order" one; like I'm running some damn Burger King in my backyard.

I went on to make the comment to her that I have learned my lesson from previous years, so I left the cheese off the hamburgers this time. She went on to ramble this comment to me, "Well that's good beacuse cheese is fattening." Now I usually tend to just ignore that type of shit, but when I see that same person harping over caloric intake of cheese, but then woof down 3 peices of BIRTHDAY CAKE, thats where I draw the line: when will ignorance end?

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redcap said...

"when will the ignorance end?"

Simply put: Never. It's a pandemic my friend, with no cure in sight.