Tuesday, May 27, 2008

WEP pwn'age... what's next?

After all these years of known vulnerabilities with the technology, I'm still flippin' amazed the percentage of deployed, neighborhood 802.11b/g wireless access points that STILL have WEP encryption enabled. Not saying that WPA-TSIP-PSK is much better (well, if you've got a super, stellar dictionary/phrase list) but... what this oversight gives me is two things:

1) Entertainment for a very short period of time in 20 minute increments...
2) A very big 'network' to explore, play with and hide behind...

I can't give myself all the credit; `aircrack-ng` is a pretty slick tool.

However, just tonight, I've pwn'ed the last WEP-enabled access point on my block... well, all the ones I can reach without using my 20dbi gain omni antenna poking out my basement window ;-) ...now all that is left is burning my braincells watching television and reading slashdot.

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