Monday, June 29, 2009

Insomnia sucks

If it isn't bad enough that from time-to-time I have an excuse why I am up at 1:00AM on a Sunday (Monday) morning: slinging code, working on a computer project, watching an intriguing movie/TV show, etc. Not tonight.

I've got a case of Insomnia, and it sucks. I assume it to be directly related to the 8oz mini can of Pepsi I had at 9:00PM tonight. Because of my stellar non-addiction to carbonated caffeinated soda, any time I have one in the near dusk hours of evening, I'm pretty much screwed. So not only am I fighting bouts of caffeine, but now a light anxiety attack has set in because I need to get up and get to work early at 6:30AM. fun this will be as it unfolds.

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