Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm officially a 'Geocacher'

What do you get when you have a plethora of GPS devices around the house, an eager 7 year old full of adventure and quest, a 3 year old neck deep in the nostalgia and mystery of "pirate treasure" and a wife with the keenest of eye for finding just about anything I lose around the house? A Geocaching family, of course.

For the last couple nights this week, my two girls and I have been entertaining ourselves with looking up local geocache spots from As they learn a lot about hunting for small objects, I'm slowly beginning to realize how GPS navigation works again using just the North and West degrees (no graphical maps for this dude!). We came up empty handed, until tonight, when my wife joined us for a quick hunt before it got dark.

We decided to hit up this easy find (GCWE31) over in a nice quarry-ridden cliff filled area with direct river access north of where we live. We used my Garmin Nuvi 255 (that I recently got from my wonderful family for Father's Day) to get to a ball park area where we can vehicle access, then continued on foot through some beautiful scenery using my trusty, old Lowrance Eagle Explorer.

After some clever eye work by my wife in some of the crevices of the rock edge, we all found our first cache together**! I was pretty excited and it was a good feeling getting that geocache monkey off my back and tossing that bastard down the cliff into the river.

Even though geocaching has been a well known extracurricular for avid hikers and urban explorers for some time now, I'm glad I jumped on the bandwagon and finally started doing it.

** I wouldn't be correct without noting that this is my oldest daughter's 2nd Geocache (which I was reminded of many, many times on the way back home)

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