Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Why Do Dogs Exist on this Earth?

At this point in my life, I've come to a very narrow conclusion that all dogs on this earth should be tossed into a big fucking hole, dowsed in gasoline and set a-flame.

When did people think that it's acceptable to purchase a domestic animal (such as a 'dog') spend gobs of money on pouring a concrete pad, putting up a zoo-like cage for it to roam around in and then... leaving it out there for the remainder of it's life, never paying the animal one bit of attention and further more, let it bark every minute of the damn day and at every damn thing on this PLANET; moving or not; living or not.

Moments like this make me wish there were more Korean or Chinese restaurants in the area I live; free meat, 100% profit.

...and if you know who I am and live by me, then take responsibility for your pet, shitbags.

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redcap said...

Yeah, I have one that lives 2 houses away from me too. Only, there's really no shelter to speak of, just a chain and a dirt circle where it has actually been able to walk in the last 5 years. I've been there for over a month and working on the place since like Feb. Not once have I seen that dog unleashed. Get a fucking clue people. Luckily it's a nice dog and rarely barks. The only reason it does is because it's so fucking starved for attention.

I might have to disagree with torching every dog on the planet though, I kinda like some of them.

How about we just torch all bad pet owners instead? That sounds like more fun anyhow :)